Kent Bates


Kent Bates Neo Classic Pop Collage employs retro imagery blended with modern materials to give them a contemporary voice. He uses a blend of found objects gathered from thrift stores, record bins, or the “free box” on the corner while savoring the historical familial objects discarded to the family basement and rescued from the inevitable garage sale. Kent’s work currently displays a layered three dimensional arrangement evoking a complex diorama that invites the viewer inside the box. Maintaining its sensual playfulness through his choice of exotic tactile papers, vibrant colors and pop imagery and motivated by themes of outer space, religion, money, music and women; the work is often displayed in a series of 3 – 50 to deliver the Pow of Pop. Kent’s work has been critiqued as refreshingly “unironic” the artist is still digesting this observation but welcomes the conversation. Influenced by the art icons Rauschenberg to Warhol and street artist that surround his once San Francisco home Kent’s Post Post modern Archeological discoveries pose a sexy humor and beauty to the serious world of Art.

A Short Biography