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Kent Bates Art

Kent is the creator of surreal inspired collages that utilize retro POP imagery and age old themes such as outer space, religion, money, sex and fame blended with modern materials to give them a contemporary voice. He often employs a combination of found images, post cards, record covers, magazines, posters and old books to serve as the cornerstone of his work while still savoring the historical familial from days long gone by. His work largely consists of layering images that create a visual relationship between the foreground and background by using spray paints, exotic textiles, vibrant colored papers or foils. The work assumes a sensual playfulness of pop imagery and has been critiqued as refreshingly “unironic”. His invite the viewer to awaken their imaginations.      Influenced by the art icons such as Rauschenberg, Dali, Rockwell, Lichtenstein, Warhol, Cindy Sherman and many street artist. Kent’s Post modern Archeological discoveries pose a sexy humor and beauty to the serious world of Art.

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